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Lithium Golf Cars

Introducing the 
All-New Denago EV

Nomad XL

The Nomad XL is an "Award Winning Design"  and features 6 color options: Black, Blue, Gray, White, Lava, and Champagne

Rover XL

The Rover XL was voted the best "True Four-seater" and features 5 color options; Black, Blue, Lava, Gray, and White


Comes equipped with Apple Carplay and Android Auto

5kW AC Motor
Adjustable Tilt Steering
LCD Screen w/ Odometer
Rear Camera
110V AC Outlet
5 Year Lithium Battery Warranty
4 Wheel Hydraulic Brakes
Onboard Charger

40 Mile Range
5 Hour Charge Time for Full Charge
25 MPH
Front Light Bar
Tail Lights
Turn Signals
Side Mirrors

Included Warranty

Denago offers a lifetime warranty for the Aluminum Chassis, a 5-year warranty on the LiFePO4 Lithium Battery, and a 2-year warranty on other major parts and components. 

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