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UTV Two-Bottom Plow - $2145

Great for small fields and tight places! It has many features including depth adjustment, coulters, first furrow adjustment, and adjustable moldboards.

*Requires parts 87499 & 89930A*

**500c UTV or Larger**

  • Perfectly sized for the small odd shaped plots.

  • Two 12" Plow Shares set at 12" apart mounted on a heavy duty tubular frame can be adjusted to a narrower cut if required.

  • Hardened replaceable & reversible plow shares.

  • Adjustable & replaceable land slide.

  • 'First round' linkage adjustment on furrow wheel to ensure even working depth on the opening field round.

  • Optional gage wheels for additional depth control.

  • 10" coulter is standard equipment.

  • 12 Volt Mini Motion package lifts and lowers the plow without you leave the seat.

Dimensions: 96" x 48" x 33" | Weight: 325lbs | Part #86935

Electric/Hydraulic Actuator

12 volt Electric/Hydraulic actuator with 10" stroke and 1800lb force.  One actuator fits all implements and can be moved from one to another easily.

Actuator: Part #87499 - $781, Wiring Harness & Switch Kit: Part #89930A - $147

Weight Kit for UTV/ATV Tandem Disc or Plow

Ideal for heavy sodded areas. Attaches to the outer sides of the tandem disc frame or plow to penetrate hard or sodded soils. *Two weights - each weights 46lbs*

Part #86410 | Weight: 46lbs -$294



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