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An initial investment of $2,000 has grown into a multi-million dollar business through the past four decades thanks to the vision and the hard work of company founder H. Wayne King, his wife Beverly and their eight children.

Metro Golf Cars began in 1974 when Wayne purchased the Westinghouse golf car dealership from an engineer at Bell Helicopter.  It began as a partnership between Wayne and his brother, Dale, and has survived despite a change in location, a devastating fire and Wayne's death.

The company took off after Wayne and Dale moved it to its current location at 4063 South Freeway in Fort Worth.  People began to use golf cars for commercial and industrial purposes and farmers and ranchers found them and other small utility vehicles useful.

As the business grew, notable customers including Roger Penskie and Willie Nelson as well as large businesses like American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Radio Shack, and Texas Christian University.  The company also designed and built the first electric personnel carrier inside the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to move passengers and luggage between the terminal and the Amfac Hotel.

After the fire, Dale moved to Granbury to start Lake Country Golf Cars, while Wayne, with help from suppliers, employees, and friends, managed to bring Metro Golf Cars back on its feet.  New business opportunities appeared in the 1980s.  Metro pioneered the use of golf cars in the apartment and multi-housing industry in Texas and captured business in golf car rentals for special events and replacement of full-size vehicles on college campuses.

On September 21, 1990, Wayne died suddenly from a heart attack at the age of fifty-five.  His wife, now Beverly Werner, took controlling interest in the business.  

It is Beverly's intention to support and strategically grow the business.  Metro Golf Cars and its supporting cast wants to be the best it can be and will use sound business principles mixed with family values to guide its growth for decades to come.

Metro Golf Cars is recognized as a woman-owned historically under utilized business (HUB) by the state of Texas and a HUB Zone business by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Wayne King - Founder of Metro Golf Cars

Nelson King & Ben King

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Family owned and the leading Golf Car dealership in the whole southwest.

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