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Fire, Ambulance, and Police Emergency Vehicles

Kawasaki Fire Rescue UTV

Fire Rescue or Ambulance Emergency Response Unit

We all know that every second counts when it comes to rescuing a life, sometimes traditional ambulances cannot make it to some places due to the capabilities such as off-road or just not accessible due to it being too bulky.  We came to a solution with our custom built vehicles made to suit whatever equipment you need on there.  Built with one of the leading brands in the industry in Kawasaki.

Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT (As Pictured for Wylie EMS)

  • Kawasaki 3 Year Factory Warranty

  • Weather proof locking aluminum storage box

  • Flashing LED light package for 360 degree visibility

  • Smooth ride four wheel independent suspension with overload suspension kit

  • Steel hard roof for sun and weather protection

Ambulance Packages

Rose Bowl Utility Vehicle

Other Fire Rescue Options

Need an alternative vehicle that can go where traditional ambulances can't go? We have the perfect All-Terrain UTV made just for it.  Built just the way you need it.

Club Car XRT 1550 SE Ambulance



  • 23HP Kawasaki Gasoline Engine

  • On-Demand All Wheel Drive

  • 25 MPH Top Speed

  • Front Bench Seat with Rear Forward Facing Attendant

  • Ambulance Deck with Space for Cot and Cot Mount

  • Locking Aluminum Storage Box

  • Fold Down Side Rails

  • Roof top with Roof Mounted LED Flashing Lights (8)

  • Side LED Flood Lights (4)

  • 25" All-Terrain Tires with Aluminum Wheels

  • Overhead Dome Light

  • Dash Fuel Gauge and Hour Meter

  • 12 Volt Power Point

  • Head/Tail/Brake Lights and Turn Signals

  • Tilt Steering Wheel

  • Rear 2" Receiver

  • 50 Amp Alternator

  • Front Tube Bumper

  • Aluminum Vehicle Chasis

  • Reverse Warning Buzzer

  • Color Choices: Red, White, Gray, or Dark Green body. Gray or Black Seats.

  • 2 Year Engine and Transmission Warranty (Cot and Cot Mount not supplied)


Optional Equipment: 

  • Weather Enclosure (3-Side Vinyl)

  • Brush Guard

  • PA System

  • Defibrillator Mount

  • 3500lb. Winch with Remote

  • Heater and Fan

  • LED Grill Lights

  • 20HP Kubota D722 Diesel Engine Upgrade

  • ANSI Kit

  • CV Boot Guards

  • Rear Differential Rock Guard

  • Front 2" Receiver

  • Storage Box Top Rail

  • Logos

Click Here - Club Car Ambalance Brochures

Ambulance _Ball Park3 (5).jpg

Yamaha Ambulance - Gas or Electric

FW FIRE 06-10 (3).JPG

Club Car XRT 1550 SE Captain 4 Passenger

The 6 Passenger Transformer

This special custom 6 Passenger Golf car can transform into a flatbed vehicle in 3 easy steps.  If you're looking for something as simple as this and has multi-use capabilities, this is for you.

Club Car 850 SE Transformer (As Pictured below for the City of Arlington)



  • 404cc EFI Gasoline Engine

  • 18 MPH (Higher Speed Kit Available)

  • 22" All-Terrain Tires with Steel Wheels

  • 6 Passenger Convertible to Flatbed

  • Overhead Backboard Mounts (2)

  • Extended Roof Top

  • Head/Tail/Brake Lights and Turn signals

  • Brush Guard, Hinged Windshield

  • Fold Down Side Rails

  • 1 Year Warranty


Optional Equipment: 

  • Weather Enclosure (3-Side Canvas)

  • PA System

  • Aluminum Wheels

  • 3500lb. Winch with Remote

  • Roof Mounted LED Flashing Lights (2 Each Side/Front/Back)

  • 12 Volt Power Pt.

  • USB Port


Easy as 1-2-3!







Police Packages

CITY OF ARLINGTON 007 - cropped.jpg
CITY OF ARLINGTON 005cropped.jpg

We have several custom build Police golf cars we can do for you.  Please call us for the options you need on it or choose one of the packages we have listed here.

Club Car XRT 1550 SE 6 Passenger 4x4



  • 23HP Kawasaki Gasoline Engine

  • On-Demand All Wheel Drive

  • 25 MPH Top Speed

  • Head/Tail/Brake Lights and Turn Signals

  • 6 Passenger Capacity with Fold Out Rear Deck

  • Behind bench seat storage

  • Roof Mounted Red and Blue Flashing LED Lights (2 each side)

  • 25" All-Terrain Tires with Steel Wheels

  • Roof with ROPS Support

  • Glove Box

  • 12 Volt Power Point

  • Fuel and Hour Meter

  • Hinged Windshield

  • Aluminum Chassis

  • 50 Amp Alternator

  • Front Bumper

  • 1 Year Warranty


Optional Equipment: 

  • Track Weather Enclosure (Black Vinyl)

  • Aluminum Wheels 

  • 3500lb. Winch with Remote

  • PA System and Siren

  • Grill LED Flashing Lights

  • Grill 20" LED White Spot Light Bar (3500 Lumens)

  • Nerf Bars

  • Brush Guard

  • Under Driver Storage Compartment

  • Kubota Diesel D722 in Lieu of Gasoline Engine

  • CV Boot Guard

  • Belly Protective Pan

  • Rear Differential Guard 

  • Color Options: White/Red/Dark Green/Gray/Black

Other Police Options


Club Car Police Cruiser - Gas or Electric


Club Car Police Cruiser - Gas or Electric

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