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Carry Long Loads with the Carryall 900 Grounds Maintenance Vehicle.  Transporting lengthy, bulky items is a problem with many utility vehicles used in turf or ground maintenance.  Club Car is partnering with its commercial customers to solve that problem with our new Carryall 900 Grounds Maintenance Vehicle.

Available in gasoline or electric models, it has a bed length of 98.5in, making it ideal for transporting longer, heavier items, and reducing round trips.

Gasoline models are powered by a 14hp rated single-cylinder overhead cam engine with electronic fuel injection that gets unsurpassed gas mileage, power and torque.  The engine is easy to maintain and starts right up even in the cold weather.

Electric models feature 48V battery packs, 500-amp controllers and smart on-board chargers and cord retractors that let you charge at any AC outlet.  The chargers issue alerts that prevent common user errors and uncharged cars.

Make short work of long hauls on these sites:

• Golf Courses

• Colleges

• Hospitals

• Hotels

• Airports

• Military Installations

• Corporate Campuses

• Resorts

• Clubs

• Theme Parks

• Zoos

Carryall 900 Utility Vehicle
CA900 Long bed utility vehicle
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