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ParCar Expediter

The Columbia Expediter will be your top performing productivity partner - getting you where you need to be quickly and safely.  Its narrow design, tight turning radius and best-in-class capacity rating enables you to transport personnel and payload through "tight spots" or right up to the job site.  The standard fold down seat back converts the Expediter into a two-person transport, making it a versatile solution capable of pulling double duty at your facility.  Available options allow us to match just the right Expediter to your specific requirements.

Three or Four Wheel EX21-T

  • Move 2 Passengers

  • Tow 1000 lbs

  • Carry 750 lbs

  • Max Speed: 8MPH

  • 24 Volt Electric Power

  • 127in turning radius

  • Integral Tow Hitch Receiver

  • Fits through standard 30in Doorway

  • Highly Manueverable

  • Class H Motor Insulation

Columbia Expediter
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