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ParCar Utilitruck

Stop using a golf car to do the work of a utility vehicle!  Choose a purpose-built utility vehicle designed to carry up to 1,100 lbs.

Vehicles with internal combustion engines are noisy and dirty.  The utilitruck is pure electric and operates equally well indoors or out.  With many options available there is a utilitruck waiting to be configured for your unique application.

parcar utilitruck

Standard Duty Utility EU4

  • Move 2 People

  • Carry 1,100 lbs

  • Max Speed: 15-18MPH

  • 48 Volt Electric Power System

  • Short or Long Bed

  • Pure Electric Power

  • High Strength Tubular Steel Frame

  • Numerous Cargo

  • Built-in 110/240VAC Charger

  • Configurations

  • Heavy Duty Pneumatic Tire

  • Diamond Plate Cargo Deck

  • High Maneuverable

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Class H Motor Insulation

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