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The All-New 2023 Huntve 4x4 Game Changer is the planet's most dynamic electric 4x4 UTV.  With dual direct drive motors, no single motor electric utility vehicle can compete with the smooth power that comes from this 72 volt stealth machine.


Forget for a moment the fact that the 36 horsepower available is more torque than almost all gasoline powered UTVs have in this size category - the ride of the double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension, 1200lb towing capacity and the best in class off road range combines to create the ultimate driving machine. 

4x4 utv

Standard Equipment

  • Power Cargo Dump Bed (35x32x9) 5.8 CF

  • On-Board Battery Charger 110V

  • State of Charge Meter

  • Seat Belts

  • LED Head/Tail Lights

  • Camouflage Standard

  • 2 Passenger Seating


  • 72 Volt All-Electric System

  • 1200 Amp Controller Power

  • Dual Direct Drive Motors (36HP)

  • Size: 113x57x76

  • 950 lb Vehicle Capacity

  • Digital Display (Speed, Distance, Trip Time)

  • Four Wheel Independent Suspension

  • Four Wheel Hydraulic Brakes

  • Locking Glove Box

  • 25 MPH Top Speed

  • Protective Side Doors

  • Max Ranger Batteries

  • 2" Rear Receiver Hitch

  • 25" All-Terrain 6-Ply Tires

electric utility vehicle gsa advantage
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