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Do you say Golf Car or Golf Cart?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I am probably sure that has sparked many interesting conversations throughout the years. In the Golf Car (golf cart) industry, the experts and the people that are in the industry will call it Golf cars because it is the standard because carts are not self-propelled. The first picture showed is actually what a golf cart is, it is a pull golf cart that has no self propelled motor. I mean it is still sold in the marketplace but who wants to walk around pulling this throughout the golf course? Unless you're really in the game of trying to get the most cardio in on top of your golf game, I would recommend the pull golf cart, but if you're looking to preserve that energy towards that game winning shot, I would highly recommend a Golf Car! Hope this makes sense! Have a great day! #golfcart #golfcar #metrogolfcars

Golf Car
This is a Golf Car! It has a forward pedal!

Pull Golf Cart
This is a "Golf Cart"

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The Metro Man
The Metro Man
12 de out. de 2018

I was a golf cart guy but then converted to a golf car! :P

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