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6 Reasons to use a Golf Car

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

When we think of golf cars we think of Golf of course and you know it's needed for you to get you around the golf course but there are many ways it may also be useful else where.

1. Playing Golf

The number reason why most people buy them are for this reason (hence the name). Most golf courses don't allow people to bring in their own golf carts and it doesn't make since to tow your golf car everywhere, it would get tiring after awhile especially if you play golf often.

2. Home

If you own a big property, it may come in handy in assisting with everyday errands like taking out the trash, moving things around the property, light construction, or towing needs around your property. They are far less cheaper than purchasing a ATV or UTV.

3. College Campuses

This makes a perfect case for being an employee of the campus because it can make commuting around the large property more convenient than trying to drive everywhere and having to hit foot traffic and fighting for parking (it can get messy).

4. Trails

Some areas are allowing golf cars to be driven alongside your fellow hikers, joggers, bikers, and walkers but I wouldn't recommend this because you are at parks for a reason and its to either get some exercise and the trails are usually typically smaller, but if its an extremely large park, it may make sense, especially if you're an employee of the park and it is needed to assist those that are injured.

5. Retirement Communities

Quality of life is everything and there are so many retirement communities being built around golf courses for those who love to go out there and play golf. Also, it helps seniors get around better. Even if its not a golf community, it can be greatly used for the convenience of transportation around the neighborhood.

6. The Street

There are street legal golf cars available but not recommended for i35 (we hope)! Most golf cars can only go up to 25 mph and its not safe to go on main roads with it. Also, there are insurance required to make it considered legal otherwise you're still breaking the law! Please don't get pulled over by the State Trooper or be the dumbo that has gone viral on youtube for driving a golf cart down a busy interstate.

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